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Dell EMC Hybrid Cloud Drives Your Digital Transformation

Companies that have already adopted hybrid cloud from Dell EMC have been able to implement digital transformation initiatives faster and grow revenue up to 2X. With a hybrid cloud, you become the engine of digital transformation. Your ability to respond improves while your existing cost structure becomes transparent, consolidated, and controlled.

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A cost-effective transformation that reduces costs

Hybrid cloud from Dell EMC improves the delivery of traditional and cloud-native applications - reducing the cost structure of IT. Compared to the build-your-own approach, hybrid cloud from Dell EMC can help you save as much as 67% in three years on enterprise staff, training and testing.

Hybrid cloud benefits your entire organization


You know your costs and control your path to digital transformation.

For Application Developers

A hybrid cloud environment allows you to build faster, test quicker, get your applications to market sooner and accelerate success for all.

For IT Teams

You’ll have choice at every level: from your operating system to your service providers, from your applications to your infrastructure and beyond you will exceed the needs of your business users with a hybrid cloud from Dell EMC.

Lead your business to digital transformation with Dell EMC and Northern Micro

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Converged or hyper-converged? With Dell EMC there is no question

Improve your business outcomes with simplified, turnkey Dell EMC converged solutions that deliver maximum performance and time to value across all workloads. And, hyper-converged infrastructure systems simplify all aspects of IT by seamlessly integrating compute, network, storage, and virtualization technologies into one scalable rack system.

Innovate without the wait

You can streamline operations, cut costs and innovate faster with Dell EMC converged and hyper-converged infrastructure. Studies have shown that app development is as much as 55% faster and developer productivity has increased by as much as 177%.

Consider the numbers

Hyper-converged architectures are being used as a platform of choice when building out today’s public and private cloud infrastructure. A study conducted by IDC on hyper-converged systems produced some amazing metrics:

  • 6-months to payback
  • 59% lower cost of operations
  • 73% faster to deploy
  • 98% less unplanned downtime
  • 619% five-year ROI

With 45% market share, Dell EMC converged infrastructure offers powerful options for transforming your IT. When backed by the one-call support and professional services of Northern Micro, you can stay focused on innovations that grow your business.

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Northern Micro - The first and still the leader in converged solutions

Northern Micro was the first company in Canada to deploy VCE vBlock systems and we are the only one with an in-house VCE Converged Infrastructure Design Master Engineer (CIMDE). With an extensive team of certified hyper-converged and converged experts for design, deployment, security, migration and lifecycle services you can trust Northern Micro to provide a superior level of support and ROI for your converged systems.

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